Ouais mais les oranges cay le mal. Un rocket jumpo pour arriver à l’étage supèrieur, et elles deviennent inutiles et pétables facilement par le dessus ;. Ouais parce que si on me dérange pour rien je ban. Sinon j’aime beaucoup la philosophie et l’idée d’une carte en largeur plutôt qu’en profondeur. Bon le peuple a parlé: Encore une fois faudrait choisir.

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Ils défient la théorie de l’évolution ces cons. Par ce court extrait, j’espere avoir pu demontrer que c’est faisable avec 10sec de plus sur le timer du debut et une defence avec plus de sens de l’orientation qu’un rat de labo élévé aux chats. Bah sans Teamspeak, quand on râle dans son coin en tapant sur le clavier, c’est moins drôle. On peu sniper, mais ces même snipers peuvent se faire dégommer super facilement vu la petitesse de la map, on peut planquer des sentry un peu partout, sans qu’elles soient absolument indélogeable. Official map by Valve.

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Description Discussions 0 Commentaires 0. Cet objet a été ajouté à vos Favoris. Une collection de 63 objets créés par. Great maps for the server. A space themed map with moving visual elements and scripting. This should make for a balanced, visually interesting gun game arms race map that caters to a variety of pla Fully functional connect 4 game.

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Press the button to insert a checker for the corresponding column. Both white buttons have to be pressed to reset the game red side has to be pressed first. Ten spawnpoints as of now. I plan on making this part of a jail A surreal map that I made a few months ago. The idea was taken from an unfinished l4d2 project of mine and was fleshed out and adapted for CS: Guys, please download new version with few new stuff and bug fixes.


Classic iceworld-based map with Mario theme. All credit for textures and level design goes to him! It’s a work in pr Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists wanted to play something together so they determined to hold an Ice hockey match. At this time there are only 2 playe Kill enemies with the knife in 2 mins.

Just slash, bots are on low hp. Start as Casual Competitive!

Server public cs 1.6 Fun et souvent un admin dessu

You’re trapped inside the Parish facility and have to find your way out! Make sure to leave feedback! Brought to you by Kirby. Welcome to a Arms Race stage named: Mario Kart Double Deck v0. Working on replicating the Mario Kart 64 battle map Double Deck This is the house I grew up in along with the house my friend grew up in across the street.

It is intended to keep the memories alive. More detail will be added as time goes on. This map is mostly for my friends and family. This map is heavily influenced a Skyscraper City mal Zombie Escape. You’ve been left to survive from the horrific Zombies. Escape and get to the mystic train!

map cs bloodstrike

Feel free to drop off a blooestrike and some feedback for future versions of this map. This is a rats style map, where you can play inside of a computer This map originally was made for CS: S by another person. You can find the original map here: Hangar 1 [Tasers only]. Simple quick map for taser wars.

See original map here: Cinema is a bright and colorful Arms Race map with a focus on close-quarters combat. The map uses a heavily tested assymetrical design to give each team a bloorstrike but balanced experience. The map has a maximum boodstrike 24 players, though it plays best with This is not a typical map. This is an attempt to recreate a map including a mod from CS 1. Simply jump from block to block – be careful you have less than a second to jump again!

An Aperture Science Laboratory bloodsfrike Bloodystrike map. Arms Race version available here: Map made by SarahB and myself. Set on Mars, winning the Mars mapping competition on GameBanana’s website.


The terrorists must destroy either the launch rocket or the entrance to the Styricum mine, while the CT’s must Here’s yet another of my rats maps, it’s time to BBQ!

map cs bloodstrike

This is my map, Shack. It has been in development for a very long time. I am back after a long break. However this is my first deathrun map for CS: This is the second version of Secret-Cliffs. The first version is avaiable here: Course map with mario theme. With many excellent visit here: A zombie Escape map. Pic is a place holder Créée par Asuka Langley Soryu. Space Station Zombies are on the station, destroy the reactor then get on the escape shuttles to flee to safety.

GO by Natalya www. This is my first real attempt at doing something a little different from your typical zombie map, as it has elements of survival, escape, boss fights, and plat This is my first insight into mapping and any feedback to help improve my map is welcomed.

As I get more comfortable with using hammer I will improve this map in many ways. Completely re-textured and added new models. Two secret rooms, lots of dark spaces to hide in Zombie survival themed and designed around Super Mario Bros.

Remake of the famous « fy pool day » map from Counter-Strike 1.

Grab a weapon on the floor and fight! A Switchable version has been published here: A map to test capture-the-flag custom gamemode scripting. Capture the enemy chicken to earn cash for css team. The team with the most chicken captures when the time runs out wins A little map to remember better times. I recommend to play in deatmatch mode. Based in Facility, a Goldeneye Map N Official map bloodstike Valve.

This map is used in Official Matchmaking in CS: It can be played in Deathmatch and Demolition. It can be played in Deathmatch and Arms Race. Partager directement sur mon statut. Connectez-vous ou créez un compte pour faire cela.